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This week in 5L/B

Sunday 13th November | Comments are off for this post

A week in after half term and both classes are straight back into the work. We have started some new modules and topics, including Science-Fiction and Earth and Space.

In Literacy we have started looking at genres: what they are and how they can be identified. In particular this half term Year 5 will be looking at Science-Fiction. We identified the key features of this genre – that it is usually set in the future or on a distant planet and contains lots of advanced technology and weaponry – then had a go at writing a brief passage of our own.  We have also done some work on editing, looking at correcting spelling and grammatical errors within our work to make sure that it is the best piece of work we can produce. Finally, we looked at how we can use dictionaries to check spellings, develop understanding and identify types of words. Overall, a very busy week!  In the coming weeks, we will be writing a piece of narrative based around a group of aliens who travel to earth.  To support this, we will be practising our narrative writing skills including using inverted commas for speech and writing descriptively.


In Maths last week we looked at using formal written methods for multiplication, including the grid method and long multiplication method.  All pupils could multiply a 3 digit by a 1 digit number and some pupils could also multiply a 3 digit by a 2 digit number.  This week we will be looking at formal division.  We will also be focusing on how to interpret our remainders appropriately – a tricky task!  Without a good times table knowledge pupils cannot access this work and it is incredibly important that pupils are working hard to learn all their times tables so that they can achieve their objective of using a formal written method for multiplying and dividing.

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