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Persuasion in 5B

Thursday 17th March | 2 comments

5B have declared this topic their most favourite so far! We’ve had a really great time learning about all the different features of persuasive language.  We built our own village, only to hear of impending plans of its destruction! Fortunately our persuasive letters did the trick and the people of Sunspire village are safe… for now!

For the last lesson of this topic, we learnt all about advertising and we watched some coca cola adverts.  We even looked back at coca cola adverts from the 1950s!!! Even then, they were using all the persuasive features we have learnt about!  Pupils successfully analysed the video and could identify which features of persuasion were being used.

Here is the oldest coca cola advert we watched.  Can you spot the persuasive features?  How have today’s advert changed?

Pupils also completed learning log homework to design their own chocolate or sweet.  This tied in nicely with our work today, as towards the end of the lesson, as a fun end to our topic, pupils created their own short advert to persuade people to buy their chocolate/sweet!  There were some great performances and some of the catchy slogans are still stuck in my mind! Well done 5B!


2 responses to “Persuasion in 5B”

  1. Sally says:

    I think that persuasive writing is so good I think it is the best lesson overall!(hahaha trying to persuade you to think that the persuading lesson is the best one overall)

  2. Alisa's mum says:

    Thanks Miss Bradley. Alisa really enjoyed designing her own sweets and slogan, I think this is one of her favourite homeworks so far!

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