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English WB 18.4.16

Wednesday 13th April | 1 comment

During the first week, the children will be revising two different pieces of punctuation (commas and parenthesis).


Key Revision:

Commas can be used for the following:

  • in a list
  • after a fronted adverbial
  • in a complex sentence, where the subordinate clause comes first
  • a pair of commas for a relative clause (who, which, when, whose)


Parenthesis can be used for the following:

  • add additional information
  • clarify the meaning of something

NB – parenthesis can use () – or ,


This week:

  1. Children are going to analyse a piece of writing and identify where commas and parenthesis should be placed.
  2. Draft a short plan that includes specific use of commas and parenthesis for each of the purposes.
  3. Write a recount about a day/ couple of days in their holidays that demonstrates these punctuation skills and language for affect.

One response to “English WB 18.4.16”

  1. Ayaan says:

    I like doing the parenthesis work because it’s one way to use dashes and I’ve never used dashes before so it was a new thing to me which is rare.

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