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Aliens have landed!

Friday 16th November | 17 comments


This week we have been exploring the genre of sci-fi. The children began by looking at the themes that would be found in a science fiction book/film. Following this, we created our own aliens and wrote some very detailed descriptions using powerful vocabulary. The children created some very interesting creatures and tested out there description by reading it to a peer. Their peer had to draw a picture of what they believed that alien looked like from the vocabulary used! This was rather successful, proving how intricate and detailed the descriptions were.


This week has been a tricky week in maths. We have been looking at common multiples of numbers and common factors. This proved quite tricky but in the end we got there! By the end of the week the children were tackling both reasoning and problem solving question with much more confidence.

In preparation for next week, I have added a video showing multiplication methods. It would be great if you could have a look this before next week!

Quick challenge!

What is the answer to 75 x 4 =

What is the answer to 153 x 6 = 

Answer by adding a comment to the blog using your school email (me@me.com)


This week we have started our new topic of Outer Space. The children were challenged with the task of exploring our solar system and producing a non-chronological report to showcase their findings. We have produced some really impressive reports and the discussion around class were fabulous!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

17 responses to “Aliens have landed!”

  1. Umayr says:

    I really enjoyed the toilet paper science lesson on the Solar System. I learned how far planets are away from each other. I never thought I was going to be counting toilet paper in a lesson especially a science lesson. When Miss said we might not be doing our experiment because we were being to noisy, I didn’t think counting toilet paper would be the experiment. Unexpectedly, I had to count 80 toilet paper from Uranus to Neptune! When we all looked from the end of the toilet paper Solar System you couldn’t see any of the planets or the labelling. Intrestingly, you would have to times everything by 20,000,000 to be able to be the proper Solar System. Some people even refered it to be the Toilet Paper Solar System.

    • Miss Levett says:

      We’re glad you enjoyed it Umayr! We like doing strange and wonderful experiments in year 5!

      Hopefully doing this lesson helped you to really get a sense of the vastness of the Solar System – it isn’t as small as the images and diagrams that we see everyday make it seem. Even the closest planet (Mercury) is nearly 58,000,000 km away from the Sun!

      Thank you for such a wonderful and well thought out comment!

  2. Svana says:

    The alien, who has enormous eyes, is very creepy.

  3. Umayr says:

    The alien has something weird on his chest, it’s creepy. The alien, who has very long bumpy fingers, is incredibly slim. The aliens nose is really funny to me because it’s like a pigs nose. My question is, why is this alien so hairy compared to the aliens we drew?

  4. Charley says:

    He has eyes as black as the dark sky.

  5. Charley says:


  6. Anju says:

    The alien, who arrived from Mars, had green, slimy skin.

  7. Jacob says:

    The alien, who is green, has gloomy eyes.

  8. Jacob says:



  9. Gita says:

    The alien, whose skin is smooth and silky, also has a colossal head.

  10. Gita says:


  11. Anju says:


  12. Svana says:



  13. Umayr says:

    75×4=300 153×6=918

  14. Sahil says:

    The aliens finger, which is very realistic, is creeping me out a lot!

  15. Sahil says:

    I love the Solar System it is very interesting in all different ways.

  16. Sahil says:


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