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A busy week

Saturday 27th April | Comments are off for this post

Hi all,

We have had a very busy week after the beautiful bank holiday. The children have been hard at work and are all starting to get extremely excited about the upcoming residential.


This week we have been focusing on drawing angles and calculating angles within a triangle. The children have been extending their skills with a protractor this week and have had to be exceptionally precise with their measurements. They have worked really hard as it is quite a tricky skill to master. By the end of the lesson, everyone could draw accurate angles and check them to ensure they were correct. Well done everyone. We also looked at the angles within different triangles: right angle triangle, scalene and isosceles. The children were very quick to remember that angles in a triangle need to total 180 degrees and used this knowledge well to calculate the missing angles. They moved very quickly through the challenges set and were able to explain their answers clearly.


We have been looking at explanation texts and exploring the purpose and audience of a range of texts. The children were able to identify many of the features and highlight these within the text. 5J then received a letter from the famous Wallace and Gromit, seeking their help in creating a new and innovative contraption. The children got to work straight away creating their blue print designs and we are going to be exploring these in detail next week.


On Friday the children were able to show off their cycling skills when Chris Young from British Cycling came to put them through their paces. Chris said that the children had impressed with their skills and listened well to all of the tips and safety rules given in preparation for their next adventure on Otley Chevin in the coming weeks. The children will then be fully prepared for the residential cycling activity.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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