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Friday 25th January | 1 comment

Hi all, we have had a good week in 5J this week and have worked particularly hard on our writing and spellings.


This week the children have produced two pieces of writing. They were asked to put themselves into Grendel’s shoes (the demon from Beowulf) and write a diary from his perspective. I was exceptionally impressed with the way the class captured Grendel’s emotions at different points of the story!  Well done!

Later in the week we were looking at describing a setting and using all of the skills we have learnt so far this year. The children really challenged themselves and the writing produced was phenomenal! One piece even received a headteacher sticker! I am hoping this level of writing will continue now that they have proved how confident they are with their writing skills.


This week we have explored some Anglo Saxon sources and looked at what it can tell us about their lives. The children were very engaged and produced some good work. Impressively, they directly linked elements that they could see within the sources to write their explanations.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Miss Jones

One response to “5J!”

  1. Daniel’s mum says:

    Well done everyone, for all your hard work! 🙂

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