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5B Literacy and CLAUSES!

Wednesday 5th October | 1 comment

We have become familiar with a wide range of Greek myths over the last few weeks.  To get to grips with the myth of Pandora, we created freeze frames to highlight some of the main points of the story (so far).


  1. Prometheus gives the humans fire.image1
  2. Zeus finds out and he is VERY angry!image2
  3.   He creates a beautiful woman called Pandora, to give as a gift for Epimethius.image3
  4.  Pandora and Epimetheus get married.image4
  5.  As a wedding gift, Zeus gives Pandora a beautiful box but tells her she must not open it.image5
  6.  Pandora begins to go crazy, not knowing what is inside.  She longs to open it…image6


Our character, Pandora, found her self with a bit of a dilemma. We decided to create a conscience alley to help Pandora reach a decision of whether she should open the box or not.

As an extra challenge, pupils were asked if they could use a clause in their advice to Pandora.  We have spent this week learning about different clauses, including relative and conditional clauses.

Apologies for the lack of sound – I will be sure to fire my recorder. Pupils should be heard giving Pandora advice, which may contain a relative or conditional clause, or both!  E.g: If you open the box, which I know is very tempting, Zeus would be angry with you.

One response to “5B Literacy and CLAUSES!”

  1. Sarah Moles says:

    Great Learning 5B! Very dramatic photos from your freeze framing. Hope you all enjoyed your acting and bringing the story alive.

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