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5B Anglo-Saxon Story

Monday 29th January | Comments are off for this post

As practice for our end of half-term extended piece of writing, we worked in groups to write an Anglo-Saxon themed story.  The class split into groups, with some writing the beginning of the story, some writing the build up, some writing the main event, some writing the resolution and some writing the ending.

Our success criteria:

1. Expanded noun phrases (could begin ‘with’)
2. Relative Clauses (who, that, which, where, when)
3. Speech (use inverted commas!)
4. Use was/were, their/they’re/there, your/you’re correctly!

See our finished stories below!

One starry night, on the edge of the moor, there was a mead-hall filled with warriors that were as brave as lions.  The mead-hall was full of precious gold.  Rubies hung on the window. Priceless trinkets everywhere.  There was one brave warrior called Bear.   He was strong, courageous and artistic.  He loved inventing stuff like new weapons and armour.  Bear, whose family was very proud, was in the mead-hall boasting and showing off his scar with purple blood surrounding it. “My scars are the best.  Everyone loves them!” Bear said to the king.         “Yes, yes,” replied the king with a grin. The king was called Hrothgar.                                                                                                                                 “You killed a dragon!? Chanted everyone. Knock, Knock…

A tall man called Bob ran into the mead-hall in terror. He kneeled in front of the king and said, “”King, I saw something bubbling in the swamps”, while he shivered, out of breath. Bob also told King Hrothgar that a villager was drawn out of the village and had been devoured by an evil monster called Freep. Bob felt worried, shocked and scared because the person who was lured and devoured was his friend and he loved him because he was like a brother to him.

Taking great care with every step, the fearless Bear wandered into the dark creepy cave near the mountains of Kalkathor in search of Freep. All of a sudden, a huge fist whacked him round the side of his face. Then, another giant hand punched him in the chin.  Bear, who was in a lot of pain, screamed as he collapsed on the rocky floor with miniature pebbles. Bear stood up and retaliated with a destructive kick to the centre of Freep’s stomach. “You little brat.  I’ll gobble you up just like your 30 Anglo-Saxon friends!” boomed Freep.

“No you wont.  I’ll get revenge for them.” replied Bear. Angrily, Bear punched Freep in the chest, which was already red and sore.  He then hit him with his sword.  His sword with blood all over it got stuck in Freep’s leg.

In a flash, Bear noticed that the horrid monster had a soft spot right between his eyes which was really squishy. “What are you staring at?” Questioned Freep who was puzzled. “Why do you need to know?” replied Bear sarcastically. In a wink of an eye. Bear grabbed a spear, which was stuck in a tree, which was covered in golden leaves, as it was autumn.   Bear stabbed Freep in his soft spot.  The monster’s blood, which was black, came splurting out of the hideous body. “Raaa!” Roared Freep, who was about to die.  The monster fell at Bear’s knees and cracked his head.  Bang! Bear swiped his head off. He grabbed Freep’s severed head and held it up as a trophy with pride.

Bear reached the village and showed the king, who had broad grin spread across his face, Freep’s disgusting head with shiny teeth covered in blod. “Wow. Well done Bear! That was very courageous of you.  Now you can boast with riches too and you will be hailed a hero!” praised the king to Bear. “Take a breath sire and thank you.  It was easy though, “replied Bear.  “I am your best thane.”                                                       “Yes, quite Bear,” smiled the king.

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