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What can we thank the Ancient Greeks for?

Thursday 12th October | 4 comments

In our topic lesson, we looked at what influences Ancient Greece has had on our lives today.  These things ranged from fashion to democracy and even to language!

Leave a comment and tell me something we can thank the Greeks for, or tell me a word we use and where it comes from.

As well as the above, we looked at Greek architecture and noticed that many Greek buildings use pillars.  This, we learnt, was called the post and lintel system and was favoured for its strength.  It is a system still widely used today.

Using cups and trays the pupils designed their own Greek buildings and we tested the strength of these buildings by using heavy books.  We soon found that the buildings we had designed could support the weight of the books easily, so we used something a lot heavier, to prove the immense strength of our structures.  See the photos to find out more…

4 responses to “What can we thank the Ancient Greeks for?”

  1. Amanda O'Donnell (Ben's mum) says:

    What an interesting week at school, looks like you have all worked hard. We can thank the Greeks for the olympics!

  2. Claire (Evie & Max's mum) says:

    The Greeks loved
    sport and the athletes used to pray to the Goddess of Victory… her name was Nike!

  3. Rosie (Amelia) Rose says:

    Standing on paper cups ! Impressive

  4. Nina says:

    Echo was a mountain nymph who often distracted Hera, Zeus’ wife with her beautiful voice while Zeus got up to no good. When Hera found out, she punished Echo by taking away her ability to speak. Echo could only repeat the words of others; and that’s where the word ‘echo’ (a sound that is repeated while getting quieter) came from.

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