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Was it all fun and games for the Greeks?

Monday 25th September | 2 comments

As part of our work on the ancient Greeks, we are looking at how they made their lives better and what they did to ‘entertain’ themselves. During this lesson the children are going to learn two invaluable historical skills: source analysis and historical enquiry. Using the information available to us from limited primary source material, we will try and create an image about the ancient Olympics.







Job 1:

Source analysis and understanding – look at the sources and comment on what they tell us and how you know.

Hint – Use this sentence starter if you want to…

I think (what can you tell me)… because (What in the source tells you this) …

Use this information to draw out conclusions about the ancient Olympics. What do these sources tell you and how does this help create an overall image of the events?



Job 2: Extension:

What information do these sources NOT tell us?

What do we need to know to improve the accuracy of our conclusions?

2 responses to “Was it all fun and games for the Greeks?”

  1. Husna mahmood says:

    The first history lesseon has been the most interesting one yet.
    i love greeks so i think i got pretty much all of the olympic pictures right

  2. Katie and Rhys says:

    They don’t tell us how many games there were or how many people competed.

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