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This..is…Sparta! Oh and Athens too, I guess.

Friday 4th October | 2 comments

We had such an amazing time exploring the differences between Athens and Sparta last week! Can I just start by saying how brilliant everyone’s costumes were? It’s not often you can be surrounded by buff Poseidons and terrifying Medusas after all!

Throughout the day, the children spent some time learning about each city state, the differences in their treatment of men, women and children and their cultures. I am led to believe that the girls in 5W were very disappointed to learn that they couldn’t vote on where they should sit! Sorry girls, but that’s just not how things were done in Ancient Athens.

They were also given the opportunity to take part in some activities that were common in their city states, with the Spartans having a go at throwing javelins (videos to come) and the Athenians attempting to sew some Greek letters. Some of the Spartans had such good aim, they even managed to hit me!

At the end of the day, the children were asked to decide which city they would have preferred to live in based on the evidence they had collected throughout the day. I can’t speak for 5W, but I know the response in 5L was overwhelmingly positive for Sparta. Finally, we rounded things off by trying some Greek food: black and green olives, rice stuffed vine leaves and feta cheese. I’ll be honest, some of it went down a lot better than others!

2 responses to “This..is…Sparta! Oh and Athens too, I guess.”

  1. Will Parsons says:

    What a great day! Well done all.

  2. Karan Kaur (Joven's Mum) says:

    Wow! Everyone looks great in their costumes. Looks like they had fun learning about the Ancient Greeks. Well done everyone!

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