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Friday 18th January | 2 comments

At approximately half past nine this morning, the children of 5L lost their classroom to savage, brutal invaders. Just who were these horrible raiders, you might ask? None other than the children of 6S! (Okay, maybe they weren’t really savage, brutal and horrible, but they sure did a fantastic job!)

How did this happen?

It all started when we invited Mr Sharp into our classroom to help us with our music lesson. Once he arrived however, he decided that he quite liked our classroom and brought the whole of 6S in as well. To make room for their occupation, 6S pushed the children of 5L into the book corner, where we were forced to remain for the rest of their occupation. To make matters worse, they even took one of our children to serve them!

While we were stuck in the corner, we started to wonder why Year 6 had decided to invade and came up with lots of reason such as the size of the classroom and the fact that it had a bigger interactive whiteboard.

Eventually, our occupation ended and 6S returned to their own classroom. Finally free, we were able to consider the point of the invasion.

What was the point?

The purpose of the invasion was to help the children understand how the Britons might have felt when they were invaded by the group collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons, who did much the same thing as 6S.

  • Originally invited in by King Vortigern, the invaders were supposed to be helping the Britons  to defeat the Scots(which, to be fair, they did actually do).
  • However, the invaders then decided that they wanted to stay given the resources that were available in Briton and brought in more of their kind, pushing the Britons into Wales.

A HUGE thank you to 6S for being such wonderful invaders – particularly Evie and Ryan, who did a fantastic job guarding us and stealing all our resources away!

2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: 5L Invaded!”

  1. Christine (Joey's mum) says:

    I’m surprised 5L let 6S get away with That! It must have been a very unexpected invasion.

  2. Katy Smith (FF School Governor says:

    What an eventful morning 5L. Let’s hope 6H don’t get to hear about the invasion and decide they want your resources too!

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