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Artefact Alert!

Friday 25th January | Comments are off for this post

In our history lesson this week we have been looking at different historical artefacts to see what they can tell us about the Anglo-Saxon period.

The children were given an assortment of replica artefacts to examine and asked to consider the following questions:

  • What do you think the object is?
  • Who do you think might have used it or owned it?
  • What can this artefact tell you about the Anglo-Saxons?

There were some really fantastic discussions going on about what each object was and what we could learn about the Anglo-Saxons once we figured it out. Some of the artefacts were fairly easy to figure out (for example the wooden object with prongs) but others proved quite difficult (the rounded metal piece). I was really impressed with all of the explanations that the children gave to back up their ideas. Even if they weren’t correct in the end, they were very logical and well-thought out.

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