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We were invaded by the Anglo-Saxons!

Tuesday 9th January | 28 comments

Did you know that this week the year 5 classes were invaded? Year 6 liked the look of them so while we were out doing a run in the playground, they made themselves quite at home.  When we came back in we were forced into a tiny space at the back of the classroom. We weren’t happy!


L.O: I can analyse and describe Anglo-Saxon artefacts and explain what they can teach us about Anglo-Saxon culture.


For each source of evidence you should consider the following questions:

1.What do you think the object is?

2.Who do you think would have used it?

3.Where do you think the object found or came from originally?

4.What could it be made of?

5.What can it teach us about Anglo-Saxon life?

6.Any other observations?

In your explanation, try to use a relative clause (whose, that, which, who, where, when).


Image result for anglo saxon helmet

Image result for anglo saxon stained glass

Image result for anglo saxon comb

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28 responses to “We were invaded by the Anglo-Saxons!”

  1. Evie Brennan says:

    It has been very interesting learning about the Anglo Saxons, and I can’t wait to write our descriptions.

    : )

  2. Charlie &Macey : ) says:

    We think this is a hairbrush and we think a peasant will have used it.We also think it came from Denmark and is made from wood and little wires.We thought that they wanted to keep tidy.Some other things we have noticed is that is very old and battered.

    We think that it is a stained glass window and everyone in church will use it.They were ordinated from England and made out of glass. And The must have cared a lot about their religion.Other things we noticed is that it has some writing on and it is very colourful.

    We think these are coins and everyone will use them.We think that they were made from metal and from the Romans.It tells us they a few different types of money.We also noticed faces on the coins.

  3. Oliver B and Yusuf says:

    The first one is a coloured glass window.I think the glass window is shown for kings and queens,it also would of be originally found in a still standing church.I think it could be made of coloured glass and tiles.This could tell us about legends and stories.

  4. Elizabeth and Husna says:

    1) Staind glass window

    This object is a stain glass window. The people who have used this artefact probably are higher ranked and religious. We think originally it came from a posh place of worship that Monks used. It is probably made from glass or tile. It teaches us that they are decorative and pay attention to design and detail.

    2) Wooden comb

    This object is a wooden comb. Peasants would use this. It would of come from a peasant house in the country.It is made of wood. It can teach us that the Anglo Saxon women cared about their hair. It looks like it is quite hard and it hurts when you brush with it.

  5. Hafsah & Jasroop says:

    We think that the 2nd picture is a stained glass window. We also think that it would be found in churches and possibly a palace. In our opinion we think it could of been made from recycled glass. This window contains little pictures inside which can show us what life was really like in Anglo-Saxon times. The first two people look like slaves and the last one looks like a king.

    The 1st picture shows a helmet which the great rich warriors would wear. We think that the helmet came from a soldier that died in war and was taken. We think it’s made from stainless steel. It teaches us that they care about safety and that if they want a proper fight they will need proper armour.

  6. Ruby and Preeya says:

    We think it is a stain glass window . A king might of used it in a castle. Or, it might of been used in a Anglo Saxon church. We think that it was found in ruins. It could be made of paint and glass. It can teach us that the Anglo Saxons liked coulor and decoration.The desgins are very intricate

    We think it’s Anglo Saxon coins. People who had money would have used these. These coins could possibly have been dug up from the ground. They could be made of copper or steel. The Anglo Saxons liked carving things into metal.

  7. Phoebe and Amelia says:

    We think the 4th picture down is a comb. We also think that the peasants used it to brush their hair and it is kept in their house. It was found under the ground. We think that Angolo Saxons have reasonable long hair.

  8. Umayyah & Summer says:

    We think this is a hair comb. We think a peasant would have used this comb because it isn’t in good condition. We think it was found under ground because it looks quite worn out. It is made of wood. It tells us that Anglo-Saxon products can still be used today.

    Stain Glass Window
    This is a stain glass window. We think an old church has used it. We think it has been found on a church that is still standing. It is made of glass. It can tell us that Anglo-Saxon art is still used today.

  9. Izzabelle&Heather says:

    I think the wooden comb is for scruffy haired people and was made with wood it will teach us the meaning of brushing our hair.
    I think the pennies are for people to buy themselves food they are made of metal and teach us the meaning of money

  10. Evie and Lauren says:

    I think that the object is a hair comb,I think that it would have been used by men and women to comb their hair/beard. I think it was found in a Saxon village. It was also made out of wood. It can tech us that the Saxons had most of the same stuff as us.

  11. Bradley,Elliot says:

    It’s stained glass because of the colour on it. Kings/lords because there sitting on thrones and 1 is wearing a crown. England because Anglo Saxons lived in the UK. It’s made of glass/stained glass. I think that Anglo Saxons are artistic because it’s colourful and has a lot of patterns. No because there is nothing else. I think it’s a comb/hairbrush because it’s got thin twigs sticking out. I think it belongs to pheasant because it’s got holes in and it’s made out of wood. I think it came from a quite poor shop and found I the ground. Wood and little twigs because it’s small and easly break able.

  12. Nina and Manroop says:

    The stained-glass window, which features important figures and bright colours, was probably used in churches and high-ranked halls. We think it came from an old church. It was probably made from coloured glass and a frame made from some sort of metal or wood. It tells us that Anglo-Saxons were excellent craftsmen and were extremely intricate artists. One of the panels looks as though it said ‘theatre’.

    The comb, which is quite battered,was probably used by peasants. It was probably dug up and found underground. The handle is wooden and the teeth look like metal because they are rusting. It can teach us that even though it wasn’t much,peasants still took good care of it.

    The coins, which are made of bronze, were used to buy food and clothing, probably by peasants. They were probably dug up because they are slightly rusty. They are made from bronze because they are that colour. They can tell us that Anglo-Saxons had intricate coins, and were very good at carving metal.

  13. Ben and Oliver m says:

    We think it’s a stain glass window. Rich people would use it in hall. We think it was found underground. It’s made of stain glass. Some Anglo Saxons had lots of money. It has lots of patterns and people in it.

  14. Phoebe and Amelia says:

    The second picture is a glass window it is used for decoration is a church.We think it is used by a priest.It is made out of coloured glass and lead.We found out that if did come from a church that Anglo-Saxons might be Christians .Looking at the glass we think it is meant to look like kings and or heroes.

  15. Ben and Oliver m says:

    We think it’s a brush. Poor pesents would use it. We think it was made in factory. It is made of wood and a bit of metal. The that owned it would be poor. It looks a bit painful to use.

  16. missbradley says:

    Comments by Girleen and Aman

    This object is called a helmet who the great rich thanes wore. A rich thane who wore the beuatiful helmet. A blacksmith who found the gorgeous helmt. The pretty hlemet that was made of steel gold and metal. This tells me that the Anglo-Saxons had a hgarsh life and they wore them for if they were poor. The Saxons who spent lots opf time on the hlemt and made out of gold and steel.

    This object is called a comb that the boy used. The people who used it were thepoor. In the woods, were some people that carved the twigs to make the comb. The comb have been made of wood which they carved to make the comb in a nice shape.

  17. missbradley says:

    Comment by Ruby and Keeley.

    The comb has got spikes on it and we think the poor Anglo-Saxons used it. We think it is found in England in a wrecked house. We also think it is made of wood. It shows that they used combs.

    Helmet – We think that it is a helmet and a rich warrior might have worn it. It might have been found in a field. We think it was made of gold, silver and rubies. this shows that rich warriors might have worn helmts.

  18. missbradley says:

    Comment by Lucas and Zaynab:

    The comb: My object is a comb and I think poor people would have used it. I think the object was found in a field. And I think that the comb was made out of wood and metal. I also think that it could teach us a lot about the Anglo-Saxons.

  19. missbradley says:

    Comment by Tallulah and Saroop:

    We think it is a helmet. It was used when they were in battle so they could protect themselves. It could be found in a battlefield and it could be gold, silver with rubies. It show us that some people were rich but some could be poor.

    These are coins. We think that people who were rich would use the coins. Most people would probably get them from a bank. It would be made of metal and it meant that not many people were rich in those days.

  20. missbradley says:

    Comment by James and Rhys:

    Money – We thought, when I looked at it, it was money. We think rich people, that fought in the war, got lots of money. We think that it was from underground which is where they found copper. They had their own currency, which was probably only used in rich areas.

    The comb: We thought, when we looked at it, it was a comb. Poor people, that didn’t have much money, probably used this. These combs were made from trees which were probably very big. There must have been a lot of trees and a lot of forests.

  21. Dev says:

    A rich Anglo Saxon would own it because it has gold and rubies on it.A gold smith would of made this. This is probably made out of gold, metal, silver, and rubies. This tells us that Anglo Saxons where, strong so they invaded a lot and took gold that’s why they had gold on cool helmet and things like that.

  22. missbradley says:

    Comment by Dylan and Faith:

    The Cross – We think it is a cross with animals on. We think a rich can or a thane who has a lot of currency would have used it. An Anglo-Saxon home filled with gold might have one of these. It is made of gold which was melted. This shows us they were religious and liked animals.

    The coins: We think the Anglo Saxons used these and they look like they are made of bronze. They tell us that Anglo-Saxons had currency.

  23. Dominic Leckenby and Amnah Riaz says:

    Me and Amnah enjoyed this lesson it was fun learning about the anglo saxon life and how they lived. We also learnt why they invaded us but then my class 5B were invaded by 6S.

  24. missbradley says:

    Comment by Grace and Abbie: The helmet , we think, was worn by Anglo-Saxon warriors. We think this was used in Anglo-Saxon times to fight off enemies. We can see that the helmet is made of gold, silver and rubies.

    We think the stained glass window is used to light up a room and so that the Anglo-Saxons can look up to the king. We also think it was used in an old church in Anglo-Saxon times. This tells us that some Anglo-Saxons might be religious.

  25. missbradley says:

    (Comment by Emelia and Luke): The helmet: We think a rich warrior used this. We think a blacksmith made it and it is made of metal. It can teach us that they weren’t poor. The helmet had patterns on like the coins.

    The coins: We think average Anglo-Saxons (and rich) Anglo-Saxons would use these. We think that when the Anglo-Saxons invaded they got the coins. We think they are made of metal. It teaches us that they had a currency and they bought and sold things.

  26. missbradley says:

    (comment by Hannah and Paige and Izzy) – The Helmet: We think a very rich thane may have used this helmet. The helmet could have been passed down by the family or relatives. It might be made out of silver, gold and rubies. This shows us that they valued treasure and jewel’s. which means they liked to be wealthy and rich.

  27. Katie says:

    I think it is a religious cross and that rich and religious people, who would have used it to show respect. I think originally came from the Anglo-Saxons and that it is mage of real gold or painted metal. It tells us they were religious

  28. Laura and Hussain says:

    1 It is a helmet the first one.
    2 A soldier would have used it.
    3 They could of found it on a old battlefield.
    4 It was made of gold and silver and had rubies.
    5 It shows they fought a lot.

    1 It is a comb,which is battered.
    2 Poor people would of used it.
    3 They could of found it in an old house.
    4 It was made out of old wood.
    5 It showed that people had long hair in the saxon times.

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