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Explanation Text – Useful links

Tuesday 10th May | 38 comments

Press reply to the relevant link and post useful websites below to help each other out.


  1. Find the step by step guide to explain.
  2. Add additional information to each step.

38 responses to “Explanation Text – Useful links”

  1. Darcy says:

    I found this hard enough doing the plan.

  2. Eesha says:

    Although,I’m doing something else, I’m curious about the cheese is made.

  3. Megan H says:

    I never knew there were so many steps to making cheese. I thought it was just mouldy milk.

  4. mrtiffany says:

    How a guitar is made.

  5. mrtiffany says:

    How a battery works.

  6. mrtiffany says:

    How a 3D printer works.

  7. mrtiffany says:

    How solar energy is made.

  8. mrtiffany says:

    How an engine works.

  9. mrtiffany says:

    How to make chocolate.

  10. mrtiffany says:

    How to make cheese.

  11. mrtiffany says:

    How a washing machine works.

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