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Year 5 Trip to Malham

Wednesday 12th July | 2 comments

On Friday 7th and Monday 10th, 5L and 5B visited Malham. There were two main aims of the trip:

  1. to consolidate their understanding of the various topics that we have been learning about in our geography lessons (including the formation of rivers and waterfalls),
  2. to develop the children’s map reading skills.

For the vast majority of the trip the children took charge, first of all orienting their maps so that they could find Airehead – the source of the river Aire. From here, the children confidently led the way to Janet’s Foss and then to Gordale Scar, where we had lunch and 5L got to see some rock climbers in action as they scaled the walls!

After eating, the children were given plenty of time to go paddling in the water, with some being careful not to wet much more than their feet and others getting completely soaked! Luckily, all the children had brought a change of clothes and were able to quickly dry themselves off.

Once the children were ready, they led the way once more. The aim was to reach Malham Cove and to find Mrs Hawkhead and Mrs Young, who had ‘hidden’ somewhere along the route. Although the children of 5L initially started to travel in the wrong direction, they soon realised their mistake and set themselves on the correct path.

After a brief pause to watch the birds and to discuss the formation of Malham Cove, the children made their way along the top, being very careful and sensible so as not to hurt themselves. It was then that the children had to make their way back down to the bottom, counting the number of stairs as they went. From there we had a nice walk back to the minibuses, ready to return home.

Altogether, both trips went really well. The children all worked hard and did their best to follow their maps and although some children took charge more confidently, everyone gave it a good go. The very wet, rainy weather of last year didn’t return and although 5B got a little bit wetter than 5L did, they still persevered. Well done to all of our Year 5 children!

5B Photos:

2 responses to “Year 5 Trip to Malham”

  1. Alison Thornton says:

    Fraser had a wonderful day, thank you.

  2. Peter Harris says:

    It looks like you had a great time and hopefully improved your map-reading skills. When I have visited, I have loved the limestone pavement and finding springs. Did Airehead have any water in it this year?

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