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Y5 residential group 2 day 1

Wednesday 25th May | 11 comments

It has been a successful first day. The train journey worked well and they arrived on time. After lunch and unpacking, we went on the Waterfall Walk. We were all kitted out in full waterproofs but the weather wasn’t as bad as forecast and we had a great time. Despite the relative cold, almost all the children wanted to paddle and had great fun doing so. The main rule was: you can’t complain about being cold or wet afterwards if you choose to go into the water. This is the same rule that we will use when we go to Malham next half term. The children stuck to the rule and really enjoyed themselves.

This group eat well! We had home made tomato soup followed by pasta bake and lots of children had seconds. We spent some time reviewing what they had learnt in class prior to the trip and I was impressed by their knowledge of rocks, especially limestone. After that, we  went on an exciting night walk, getting back at 10.45. We then had rhubarb crumble and custard followed by hot chocolate.

The children have just gone to bed and we expect them to fall asleep quite quickly – they are shattered! Everyone seems happy and settled. Some children who are usually quite quiet and reserved have been really chatty. Seeing a different side to children and bringing out their character is part of the reason for residentials. So far, this group have been an absolute pleasure and I am looking forward to the next two days with them.

Mr Harris

11 responses to “Y5 residential group 2 day 1”

  1. Angela Strachan says:

    Looks great fun. Enjoy yourselves !!!! Amelia have a fab time, George is missing you xxx

  2. Mrs D says:

    You all look lme you’re having a fantastic time! You are all VERY brave paddling in the stream – it looks chilly! Enjoy the rest of your visit and have LOTS of fun

  3. Dawn Bowker says:

    You are all so brave for putting your feet into the freezing cold water. I’m sure you will have built up quite an appetite after all the fun you have had today.

  4. Lisa lucas says:

    Looks like your all having an amazing time …n8ce to see you all getting wet and muddy …have fun guys

  5. Jayne Yap says:

    It looks like everyone had fun yesterday. Whatever the weather has in store, I’m jealous – I wish that I was there!

  6. Ayaan's mum says:

    Looks like everyone is having fun!!
    Enjoy the rest of the residential. Some long lasting memories being made…

  7. Emily's Mum says:

    What super pictures ! You all look to be having a fabulous time ! Enjoy caving and biking today x

  8. Shamim Sadiq says:

    Wow what amazing pictures and you all look like your having fun too ! Enjoy yourselves today.

  9. Miss Barraclough says:

    It sounds like you all had a great first day 5T. Hope the weather clears up for today. Enjoy the rest of your time away.

  10. Charlotte Jones says:

    Looks like you are having a lovely time! I hope the weather stays dry for you today and you all have fun biking and caving.

  11. Kiran khan says:

    Glad you all enjoyed, nice to see you adara.

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