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All about Greece!

Thursday 14th September | 1 comment

We played a fun game called ‘drag and drop’.  This is where you go on Google Maps and drop the yellow man into different places (in Greece).  By studying the images we see, we can deduce information.

From this image we can see that Greece attracts tourists and that it has some ancient temples.  We can also see that is can be warm and sunny as people are wearing shorts!






From this image we can see that Greece has beautiful beaches with clear water.  Again we can see that many people are visiting the beach, possibly suggesting that Greece is a popular holiday destination.








This image shows us that Greece might be quite mountainous.  It could also suggest that goats are farmed as perhaps it would be too steep for cows.







Finally, we ate some Greek food.  This included feta cheese, olives and stuffed vine leaves.  There were some mixed reactions! (click on an image to enlarge it)


One response to “All about Greece!”

  1. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    I really enjoyed hearing about Greece and also got to try the Greek food (I thought it was delicious!)

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