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5L in Malham!

Friday 6th July | 3 comments

This week has been a very busy one for 5L, including two separate trips (thanks for that one Miss B!).

We started off the week with a very warm trip to Malham, which we ended up doing in reverse because of the weather. This meant starting off by climbing up around 400 steps to reach the top of Malham Cove, which was no easy feat in the heat! The children did spectacularly well however and were soon well on their way to Goredale Scar. Unfortunately when we arrived, we found that the waterfall was completely dried up – not a drop of water in sight! Even so, we had a good lunch and followed it up with a well deserved ice-cream, with a little bit of map work on the side. Then, it was off to Janet’s Foss, which again was somewhat lacking in water. After this, the children were given the opportunity to walk independently through a wooded area of the walk, listening to the sounds of nature without other children distracting them. I have to admit, this is definitely my favourite part of the trip every year. Given that we weren’t able to paddle at Goredale Scar, we found a small stream near the end of our walk that the children could cool off in. Overall, even though there wasn’t very much water to study, I think we had a very successful trip and the whole class showed an excellent sense of camaraderie, encouraging each other the whole day.

3 responses to “5L in Malham!”

  1. Kirsty (Nina’s mum) says:

    Lovely pictures for what looked like a lovely day and well deserved ice creams!

  2. Claire Brennan says:

    You definitely all deserved that ice-cream at the end!

  3. Zoe Briggs says:

    What a busy week 5L. Well done for walking so far in the heat I’m glad you got to cool down a bit in the stream though. X

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