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Y5 residential 2016 5T day 2

Thursday 26th May | 6 comments

Everyone slept well although they woke up  rather early!

Today has been superb. The weather has been ok and we have had triumphant mountain bike and caving sessions. EVERYONE has done really well. Cavers all did at least two caves and most did three. Mr Garlick got stuck in the third cave and had to beat a retreat – it will go down in folklore! He claims this is because he has the biggest muscles and broadest shoulders!  The MTB sessions at Gisburn Forest were superb – we travelled at quite a pace and everyone completed at least 5 miles. Most children also completed additional challenges including a downhill BMX style section, a new singletrack undulating loop and a ‘red’ skills area.  They have improved so much with their cycling over the past few months and can be very proud of themselves.

6 responses to “Y5 residential 2016 5T day 2”

  1. Megan L says:

    I ADORED being on residential. I especially loved doing caving even though I was scared before and I had to stay at the back with Mrs Hawkhead but once I had gone through 1 cave I really enjoyed It and the other two were optional and I went through all of them ! GET IN!!

  2. missbradley says:

    Oh no! Mr Garlick! I did warn you it was a very narrow. Perhaps I shouldn’t have bought you those pork pies before you went! Glad you are all having fun!

  3. Hardev Singh Dulais (Dad) says:

    Looks like your all having a fabulous time……

  4. Mrs Gilhooley says:

    It looks like you’re all having a great time. Poor Mr Garlick! I’m sure that this won’t be forgotten!

    Enjoy the last morning and have a safe trip home.

  5. Emily's Mum says:

    Wow ! You are all very brave – those holes looked tiny. I hope you didn’t leave Mr Garlick in there ? What a fun filled day ! Thank you to everyone involved in organising such a wonderful trip.

  6. Phoebe's mum says:

    Enjoying reading the blog & seeing your photos. Poor Mr Garlick!
    Have fun on your last day!

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