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Division Progression


Throughout this year we have been looking at how our skills progress and how they overlap. One thing that is fundamental for all of them is knowledge of multiplication facts or everything is so much harder.


The children have all started at different stages on the progression map and are also working through them. Take a look below and think:

Where am I?

Where was I?

How far have I progressed?


Stages of division:

(Click on the blue stages to see a demonstration of how it is solved)

Physically dividing cubes or equipment

Repeated subtraction using an informal method – all stages on from here rely on knowledge of multiplication facts.

Repeated subtraction using a number line

Repeated subtraction using a number line with jumps that were a multiple of the divisor


Formal Division by a single digit number (bus stop)

Formal Division by a two digit number (long division) 

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