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5W Home Learning Update

14/07/2021 at 08:14


Good morning!

I am really pleased with how well the children have been getting on this week. It’s tricky for all children, whether they’re in school or at home, but they have all continued to put 100% effort in and do their best with their learning!

Please see below for an overview of the upcoming lessons for the rest of the week.

Maths – Kilograms and kilometres
Literacy – An encounter with Smaug (rewriting a section of The Hobbit)
Guided Reading – Vocabulary
PSHE – Managing money

Maths – Milimetres and mililitres
Literacy – Continue with ‘an encounter with Smaug’
Guided Reading – Authorial intent
Science – Reversible and irreversible changes

Maths – Metric units
Literacy – Continue with ‘an encounter with Smaug’ and editing
Story – Crater Lake
French – Weather

Google Meets

Wednesday and Thursday:
9am – Maths
11am – Literacy
1pm – Guided reading + afternoon task

9am – Maths
11am – Literacy
1pm – Story + afternoon task
2.40pm – Special Mention Assembly

More detail for each assignment will be available on Google Classroom. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Miss Wetherill

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5W Home Learning Update

12/07/2021 at 08:23


Good morning,

I hope you all had a good weekend (despite a disappointing end last night!).

Here are the upcoming lessons that will be posted via Google Classroom for those children who are self-isolating.

Monday 12th July

Maths – Reflecting shapes
Literacy – Creative writing (What would you do with a magic ring?)
Guided Reading – Reading and discussing the next chapter of The Hobbit
PE – PE challenges and researching inspirational sports men and women

Tuesday 13th July

Maths – Reflection with coordinates
Literacy – Planning a story
Guided Reading – Inference task
Topic (slight change to original timetable) – Energy Heroes: Investgiating the efficiency and cost of lighting

Google Meet Times (for Monday and Tuesday)

9am – Maths
10.10am – Assembly
11am – Literacy
1pm – Guided reading and explanation of afternoon task

More details for each assignment will be posted on Google Classroom. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Miss Wetherill

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Another week complete!

02/07/2021 at 16:34



This week in maths, we have been doing some more work on angles and have started investigating 2D and 3D shapes.

We began by using protractors to draw given angles – a task that proved quite difficult at first, though once we had figured out how to use the protractors properly it became much easier. From there, we started looking at how to calculate angles in different polygons including squares, triangles, rectangles and composite shapes made up of different combinations. Finally, we started looking at some different 3D shapes and the nets that they are comprised of.


In Literacy this week, we have been continuing our exploration of ‘The Hobbit’. Our main focus has been the poem (or song) that the dwarves sing about Bilbo in the first chapter.

We began by breaking down the poem to identify the key elements that Tolkien uses – the rhyme scheme, structure and language for example. From there, all we had to do was think about the things that our hobbits liked and disliked and come up with some rhyming words that would work with them. The actual writing part was tricky, but the children persevered and produced some great poems!

Residential Follow-up

Following on from residential, both classes produced some lovely oil pastel artwork based on the landscapes that we saw in the Dales. The children worked incredibly hard on this and each created some wonderful art!

Homework and Other Matters

This week, both maths and learning log homework has been sent out:

  • Maths – Due 7.7.21 – Investigating 3D shapes and their nets.
  • Learning Log – Due 14.7.21 – Set via BrainPOP (see below)

For this learning log homework, you will need to create a ‘film’ about climate change. You may need to do some additional research to help put this together. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!  In your video, you should talk about each of the following points:

  • What is climate change?
  • How does it affect us?
  • What causes climate change?
  • What can we do to prevent climate change?

Also, any children who would like the chance to become librarians in Year 6 should write a letter to Miss Ellis to explain why they would be a good choice. These should be handed to your class teacher on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Levett and Miss Wetherill

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5L Residential: Day Two

24/06/2021 at 23:54


Today has been another fantastic day – the children have worked incredibly hard and seem to have really enjoyed the different activities. In Junior’s words: “Today was so great!”

Let’s let the children explain more about the day’s activities…

”Today was a great day and I loved it. First, we did cycling – it was hard but I tried! We cycled at Gisburn Forest. We rode up steep hills, bumpy hills and down hill. It was hard riding up the hills but all my group did really well!! Next we did caving. We walked up a hill that was kind of steep but once we got into the caves and it was really fun! I was scared at first but I got more confident as we kept going! I also went into a deep deep pool which was really fun.” – Komal

“Today I had an awesome day! We did caving and cycling. My favourite part was the caving because you got the option of doing the challenge or if you don’t then you just watch the other people. I did the challenge (but some people didn’t want to do it) and when we reached the end of the cave, we got to go in the water. It was so fun!” – Tilli

“Today was so amazing – cycling was the best even though I fell off twenty-eight times and yes, I actually counted the falls. I loved caving too. All of us got really wet and very cold. The water (for me) was up to waist height but for Jack it was up to his chest. We got lots of opportunities and challenges to do but you didn’t really need to do it if you didn’t want to. This was the best day ever!” – Sumayyah

With one more day to go, I wonder what new memories we will make tomorrow?

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5L Residential: Day One

24/06/2021 at 00:28


5L have made a great start to their residential! We kicked off our journey by travelling from New Pudsey Station to Leeds, then catching a train on the Settle-Carlisle line to reach Ribblehead. There was quite a long wait between the first and second train, but we were all very impressed with how well-behaved the children were (though some children seemed to think and hour and fifteen minutes had passed as they waited, though in actuality, it was only about five at the time).

Upon arrival at the lodge, the first thing to do was to familiarise the children with their home away from home and make sure everyone was settled into their dorms. Once all this was done, it was time to get ready for our first activity of the day – the waterfall walk! But rather than listen to me talk about it, let’s let Ayla explain how that went…

‘Today the first thing we did on residential was going on the waterfall walk. It was really tricky, but it was worth it in the end because we got to see lots of very pretty waterfalls. Most of us were exhausted by the end but it was very fun. When we had walked for some time, we got to do some really fun paddling. Lots of people got really wet but I really enjoyed it. Tonight, we are going on a night walk. I am very excited for this because it will be dark, which means we will have to bring torches.’

The children persevered fantastically well on the waterfall walk, even managing to climb up what seemed at the time like thousands upon thousands of steep steps! After that, we headed back to the lodge to clean up, dry off and have tea. We had a little time to play before and after eating (with some children choosing to play outside and others choosing to play some board games inside) but eventually, after it became a little darker, it was time to embark on our second activity of the day – the night walk!

It was still fairly light when we set off and despite a slip toward the start, the children again did incredibly well. We spotted some sink holes, some old buildings and even had a very interesting impromptu lesson with Phil Jackson about the history of the area, dating all the way back to the Ice Age! Aside from nearly being eaten alive by midges, it was a very successful walk!

The children are now settling down in preparation for the exciting activities that we have planned for tomorrow.

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5W residential day 3

23/06/2021 at 19:46


I hope that the children have come back home today with positive tales to tell. They were an excellent group and should be proud of themselves.

They went to bed late again on Tuesday but earlier than on Monday. They should sleep well tonight. They were quiet very quickly again. We had the odd bump in the night, but generally children slept well.

On Wednesday morning, we went on a river study walk and we also found out more about the building of the Settle-Carlisle Railway and Ribblehead viaduct. Photos to follow.

The river we studied is called Winterscales Beck. It is a strange little river that allows us to study its features without getting wet or drowned. It’s just a matter of timing…

The children should know about vocabulary such as spring, tributary, confluence, erosion, deposition, resurgence, silt and sediment. We watched a brilliant display from a colony of sand martins in front of their sandbank home: to think that those little birds had migrated here from deep in Africa! We also walked through some lovely meadows and enjoyed a great diversity of wild flowers.

The children were very good on the journey home by train. The initial train was unusually busy and, after we returned, we got this lovely unsolicited email:

“Dear Head Teacher,

I have just had the pleasure of sharing a train journey  with a group of young people returning from their residential stay in the Yorkshire Dales. The children were very well behaved, quiet and polite. I enjoyed hearing about the activities and heard children chatting confidently to other passengers about their positive experience.

The train was unexpectedly very full and your pupils moved around carefully without any fuss or commotion. Please pass on my regards; they are a credit to your school. I spotted the school logo on a staff sweatshirt.

Best wishes

Debbie Williamson”

What a lovely way to finish the residential!

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