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An Exploration of Circulation!

10/07/2019 at 16:54


This week our Year 5 classes were given the fantastic opportunity to visit Grangefield for a special science lesson created just for us! In these sessions, the children learned all about their hearts and how hard they work as they pump blood throughout the body. This is not typically a Year 5 topic, however since it is almost the end of the year, we wanted to really get the children exited for science in Year 6 (where they will be studying the circulatory system).

We met our very enthusiastic guest teachers, who started us off with a true or false quiz on the heart and our blood. We then learned all about what blood is made of (including red blood cells that carry oxygen and white blood cells that help fight off all the nasty things that can enter your body). The children even got to have a close look at some photographs of blood that were taken under a microscope!

To make things even more exiting, the children were then taught all about the heart and its role in the body. We looked at the different sections of the heart, including the aorta, vena cava, left and right ventricles and the valves that prevent the blood from flowing the wrong way. Then came the children’s favourite part…


Working in pairs, the children dissected their hearts in order to find all the parts they had just been told about.  They all made some fantastic observations (like the fact that the heart is incredibly tough to cut into!) and even tugged on a few heartstrings along the way. Literally!

The teachers at Grangefield were so impressed with how well the children worked and the answers that they were giving. Hopefully, the children enjoyed themselves as much as they seemed and will be able to take this knowledge with them into Year 6!

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Exploring Capacity!

05/07/2019 at 16:32


Today in maths, we had a look at volume and capacity with a little bit of measurement thrown in as well! To start with, we explored what the terms volume and capacity actually mean, and looked at a few questions to expand our understanding.

We then linked this understanding to a measurement task based around the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ books. The task was fairly straight forward – all the children had to do was correctly measure out different amounts of juice to create a new drink. Sounds easy, right? The catch was that the ‘recipe’ was a riddle and the measurements were hidden behind another layer of maths. Have a look – do you think you can work it out?

Orphaned monkey though she be, Sunny so looks up to me.

To keep her safe do not exceed, a total sum of 2(238+62) ml indeed.

Liquid slime though this may seem, some of it this great drink needs. To find how much multiply 0.3 by 100 and then by 5.

Black and dark as the night’s sky, add 2/10 of a litre, or Klaus might just cry.

The colour of a clown fish, though fish it is not, solve 112 x 2 + 63 – 137 to join dot to dot.

Finally, for this formula to be complete, add 10 degrees more than a right angle of summer so sweet.

The children all did fantastically well and seemed to really enjoy their drinks at the end of it all!

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What is peace?

05/07/2019 at 16:22


This week in R.E., 5L have been looking at the concept of peace – what it means and how difficult is is to create and maintain. The children had some fantastic ideas about this and were all eager to share them with the rest of the class.

Once we had settled on a definition of peace, the children were asked to create a symbol that they felt represented their ideas about what peace meant to them. We had some truly wonderful creations that really helped to show that though everyone’s ideas were different, there were similarities between them all.

To finish off, the children each wrote a poem about peace. Again, we had some really wonderful ideas coming through about their definition of peace. Have a look at some of the poems the children wrote:

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We love Science!

28/06/2019 at 15:03


Over the last two weeks, we have been really getting into the ‘S Factor’ spirit and (in 5L at least) we seem to have reached a unanimous decision…

Science. Is. Awesome.

We had such a range of wonderful experiments on show last week, with each one being supported by some fantastic scientific knowledge and we just had to share them with you. I am certain you will be as amazed as we were!

We all really enjoyed watching the finalists do their absolute bests today and are especially proud of Harry for overcoming his nerves to share his experiment in front of all those children and adults!

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S Factor

28/06/2019 at 14:35


It has been a fantastic two weeks in 5J and we have seen some amazing effort in our S Factor competition.

The children had been very thoughtful about their choice of experiment and this was evident within the auditions. We had a wide range of skills on show from refraction, production of carbon dioxide, chemical reactions and hydraulic cranes. It was a very tough decision and I could have selected a number of children to be a finalist. In the end, I picked Bethany Bohanna and her hydraulic crane – she performed very well in the final and impressed with her explanation.

Here are some photos of the investigations on show.

Have a lovely weekend and be careful in the beautiful sunshine!

Miss Jones

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Wet, wet wet!

14/06/2019 at 15:06


Despite the atrocious weather this week, we have been hard at work and the children have contributed well to all lessons.


This week the children completed their end of year reading assessment paper. Although there were some tricky questions, I was really impressed with the effort and perseverance of all children. I could see the children using all of the skills they have been taught this year to answer the questions. A huge well done to everyone, you should be really proud of yourselves.


This week we have been exploring area and perimeter in our mathematics lessons. The children have a good understanding of the concepts and tackled some tricky shapes where they were required to calculate the missing sides. I have set the children some revision homework in preparation for their end of year assessment. It would be fantastic if the children could also access mathletics to complete the additional tasks set online.

Science and PSHE

In Science this week we have been exploring dissolving. The children were provided with a range of elements to investigate and recorded their findings.  They worked collaboratively to complete the investigation and I was very impressed with the team work I saw.  The children found some good conclusions from investigation and were able to use a wide range of scientific vocabulary to describe their observations.

In PSHE we have been exploring our new MindMate strand of ‘Solving problems and making it better’. The children made some excellent suggestions in the lesson about how they could help their friends if they were facing a problem. We had some excellent supportive ideas from the children and the classroom atmosphere felt very positive and friendly. I hope the children can think about their thoughts and ideas from the session today when they or friends next face a problem.

On Wednesday 19th June the children are taking part in the S Factor! Apologies for the confusion in the original date but please could the children bring their science experiment to school to audition on Wednesday. We will be auditioning in the afternoon.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

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